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Our Mission

At MAVRK we’re committed to creating innovative products and techniques that will enhance your technical fly fishing experience

Mavrk Industries
Our mission begins with the question of “how?” How do we make fly fishing better? Successful Fly fishing has always been and always will be about gathering information to make the best decisions while on the water. Knowledge that used to take decades to acquire is now only a few keystrokes away. But navigating a keyboard won’t make you a good angler. The best anglers are both curious and observant. They’re creative in solving problems while fishing. The best anglers have always been mavericks. Our mission is to design products for those anglers.

Jeff Sasaki / Designer and Founding Partner
An Industrial Designer with a background in Action Sports, Jeff designed protective equipment for the bike and motorcycle industry before starting Element Case. Element Case produced premium iPhone cases made of exotic materials such as CNC’d aluminum, carbon fiber, and G10. In 2016, after selling the brand, Jeff moved full time to Truckee California to pursue his passion for all things outdoors. His new company MAVRK Industries promises to innovate both technical fly fishing gear and techniques while protecting local fisheries and wild trout habitats.

“The Stinger is a hybrid approach to fly fishing. It combines European Nymphing, Japanese Tenkara, and western fly fishing techniques. It's a radical shift in a sport that hasn’t changed much in decades. Be a part of the hybrid movement.”
—Jeff Sasaki, creator of the Stinger