Frequently Asked Questions


How will the Stinger hybrid system improve my technique?
When fly fishing most rivers and streams, the fly reel's purpose is nothing more than line storage. By eliminating the reel’s weight and rotational inertia, casting accuracy is improved, dead drifts are longer, and strike detection and hooksets become instantaneous.
How do you play and net fish without a reel?
When fighting average size fish (12 to 22”) with light tippet (4-5X), proper line pressure is imperative and best performed with line in hand. When playing an aggressive fish, line can be stripped in much faster by hand and let out with better control than a reel. Playing a fish by hand is more effective and much more fun!
Stinger Chart
Why is the Stinger Hybrid System better than Tenkara?

The simple, fixed line of a Tenkara rod makes it lightweight and accurate. But the fixed line also greatly limits its usefulness. Without extra line to take in and let out Tenkara anglers are at a huge disadvantage with reduced casting radius, and line stripping ability. With Tenkara, there is no line to let out to lengthen a dead drift and playing a big or aggressive fish is extremely difficult without extra line to give and take. The Stinger Hybrid System is versatile for Euro Nymphing and designed to give the feather light feel of Tenkara—it’s the best of both worlds!

Is the Stinger only for advanced anglers or can beginners use it?

Both. The Stinger Hybrid system was developed to improve Euro Nymphing techniques. Experienced anglers must to adapt to the new reel-less techniques. Whereas, newcomers to Euro Nymphing and Tenkara users tend to pick up the Stinger Hybrid System rather quickly.


What makes the Stinger a hybrid system?

Both the Stinger Comp and Stinger M1 are line holders that replace the traditional fly reel. They both reduce the overall weight and help centralize mass because the system is closer to the center axis of the rod. Thus, eliminating the rotational inertia from the much larger offset fly reel. This makes your rod feel more like a Tenkara system with unidirectional casting and greater rod sensitivity. 

How much does the Stinger weigh?

The aluminum Stinger M1 weighs in at 50 grams. The composite Stinger Comp weighs 40 grams. The Tracer-62 Euro-nymphing line/leader weighs approx 9 grams, about ⅓ the weight of a traditional fly line/leader system.

How does the Stinger attach to my Rod?

The Stinger attaches to the reel seat like a conventional reel.

How much fly line will the Stinger hold?

Approx. 70 ft of Euro Nymphing line/leader, and 40 to 50 ft of traditional fly line, depending on line diameter.

What is the difference between the Stinger Comp and the Stinger M1?

The Stinger M1 is CNC machined in California from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. Its components are position-adjustable for individualized ergonomics and allows anglers to custom fit the M1 to various rod handle shapes. An optional counterweight kit is available for the M1 to use with larger/heavier line or extra long or heavy rods.

The Stinger Comp is very economical but just as effective. Its injection molded from a nylon composite blend that makes it ultra light (40 grams), and virtually unbreakable. The Stinger Comp is perfect for anglers on a budget or those who want to carry multiple Stinger units with various line set-ups.


What rod works best with the Stinger?

The Stinger was developed to enhance Euro Nymphing techniques where long reach and suspended line are essential. The Stinger is ideally suited for a long  2, 3, or 4 wt. Euro Nymph rods and thin Euro-nymphing line/leader setup. However,  the Stinger will work with any fresh water fly rod designed for small to medium size fish (not Salmon, Steelhead, or large trout over 22 inches). If a standard fly rod is used (non Euro-nymph), larger/heavier flies, or larger/heavier line may be required to load the rod properly.

Will the Stinger work with my 5wt Rod?

Yes, as long as the line and flies you plan to use are matched to the rod. However, larger diameter fly line (conventional type) will need to be cut shorter because the compact Stinger was designed to hold thin Euro nymphing line. Due to thickness, conventional fly line/leader may only yield 40 to 50 ft of casting line length.

When would I need to counterweight my Rod?

In most use cases, there is no need to counterweight your Stinger hybrid system. Counterweighting is beneficial when using a very long or heavy rod or when using heavier shooting type fly lines. We suggest trying the Stinger first without, or with very little counterweight.

Note: only the Stinger M1 has an optional Stainless steel counterweight kit.

Will the Stinger fit my rod with a down locking reel seat?

Yes, both Stingers will fit a down locking reel seat, and will be positioned lower on the rod accordingly. However, the M1 has an adjustable mounting foot to reposition the Stinger up closer to the fulcrum, if desired.

Will the Stinger fit my rod with a fighting butt?

Only if the fighting butt is removable.


What line works best with the Stinger?

Because of its compact size, the Stinger is best suited for thin (.5mm) Euro Nymphing line and a long leader. It also works well with 2wt (.6-.7mm) conventional fly line. The Stinger will hold between 50 to 70 ft of line and leader.

Larger diameter lines for dry fly set-ups will need to be cut down shorter. If added line length is needed, the M1 comes with a line booster kit which increases it capacity of thick line by about 10 ft. 

Both the Stinger Comp and the Stinger M1 come with our premium TRACER-62 Euro Nymphing line/leader combo. This 62 ft. line is made up of 50 ft .5mm braided core nymphing line, 10 ft memory free high viz mono leader, 2ft. bi-color sighter (indicator) line and a tippet ring.

See our Product page.

Can I fish dry flies with the Stinger?

The Stinger was designed to enhance nymphing techniques, but it's ultra light weight pairs nicely with short distance light weight dry fly rods. We recommend 2 or 3 weight due to the line diameter, but 4 and 5 weight rods can be used as well.

Larger diameter non-Euro nymph lines will need to be cut down shorter to fit the compact Stinger spool (always cut the spool end of the line not the leader end). If added line length is needed, the M1 comes with a line booster kit which increases its capacity of thick line by approx. 10 ft.