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M1 Balance Kit

M1 Balance Kit: The M1 Balance Kit is a modular counterweight system design specifically for the CNC machined Stinger M1. It provides extra weight at the butt end to help balance extra long rods or heavier line types. The M1 Balance weights are located at the tail end of the Stinger M1 and close to the rod’s center axis, thus less weight is required to achieve desired balance while keeping rotational inertial to a minimum. The four-piece kit is CNC machined stainless steel and weighs a total of 75 grams. Add or subtract weights to get a perfect balance. (The M1 Balance Kit is not required for most hybrid systems).


  • 1 x 24-gram unit
  • 2 x 20-gram units
  • .6mm hardware 1 x 12 grams


  • 3 oz

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