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Tracer-62 Nymphing Line & Leader

Tracer-62 Nymphing Line & Leader:

The Tracer 62 is a complete euro-nymph line leader system, minus the tippet. It starts with 50 feet of premium lightweight braided ESN level fly line (.55mm dia.). The leader butt section is 12 lb. low memory monofilament tied to an 8 lb. low memory monofilament mid-section. Finally, a high vis sighter line section is finished with a 2.5mm tippet ring. The entire system is 62 ft total length- hand-tied in the USA. Just attach your Tippet line and flies and you’re ready to fish. 3 to 5X Fluorocarbon Tippet is recommended, depending on flies and water conditions. For use with Stinger Micro Reel, or a conventional reel.

  • Tippet and Fly not included


  • 1 oz

The World’s Lightest Fly Reel

How an Ultra Light Reel Improves Euro Nymph & High Sticking:

  1. Improved arm reach for longer elevated line dead drifts.
  2. Low rotational reel inertia improves casting accuracy.
  3. Low reel mass increases rod sensitivity for better strike detection.
  4. Low swing weight to fish harder and longer with less fatigue.
  5. Slim and lightweight for easy carry.
  6. Reliable and dependable.