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Stinger Comp on rocks with flies

You’ve chosen to be the outlier

You prefer to fish the remote, the isolated, the often rugged.
At Mavrk, we believe in a streamlined approach when stalking wild trout, off the beaten path.
Our gear is lightweight, versatile and dependable while our techniques focus on what really works.
Fully experience both the hunt and the catch.

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Here we show Tips and Tricks on everything from gear to sharing our own techniques on how we catch so much fish on one of the hardest rivers in the west.

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These videos are just fun fishing with cool people and places. Enjoy!


The rod moves like a windshield wiper on a drizzly day, tracing wide arcs over the Truckee River as Jeff Sasaki points the tip upstream toward Lake Tahoe, then downstream toward Lake Pyramid, then back again. The physics at play in getting his fly between two pale boulders where a rainbow trout may be hiding—involving potential and kinetic energy, air resistance, surface tension, turbulent versus laminar flow and who knows how many more textbook terms—may be nearly as complex as the rights governing the highly contested water that runs through California and into agricultural fields and kitchen sinks in Nevada.

  • 15 min read
Truckee resident Jeff Sasaki, an avid fly-fisherman and inventor, designed an innovative new reel last year called the MAVRK Stinger (see page 128). In doing so, he created what is perhaps the lightest reel in the world, earning favor with the European-style nymphing community as well as the ultralight backcountry community. The reel-less, feather-light Stinger allows greater arm extension and is guaranteed to improve dead-drift distance and casting while making your rod more sensitive to bumps and strikes. By reducing the counterbalance mass and rotational inertia of larger traditional reels, time on the water is more productive.
  • 4 min read

When people ask me what my favorite nymph fly is, I tell them I don’t have one. I’m not trying to hide anything, it’s just that I try not to pay special attention to those “confidence” flies- you know, flies that I caught my biggest fish on, or flies I used the day I fished my personal best. Choosing confidence flies are probably some dopamine triggered behavior, I suspect. They get fished most often and so they catch the most fish. But only fishing confidence flies can be holding you back. And when you are having a real tough day out there and the fish won’t even take your star players, you won’t know where to turn. You’ve been beat. 

Here’s a better way to select the “best fly” in your box when your confident fly is screaming at you “Pick me!”

  • 3 min read
As much as innovating gear and adopting overseas techniques may represent the future of the sport in the Tahoe area, anglers need waters—and fish in them—to sustain the activity.

Trevor Fagerskog, a Roseville resident who moved from Truckee in late 2020, is current president of the nonprofit sporting group Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers and state chair of the California council of the nonprofit conservation group Trout Unlimited.

The latter group’s Truckee chapter focuses on habitat restoration in the Truckee River watershed. Fagerskog reasons that it’s not likely anyone is going to reverse the effects of climate change anytime soon, so they’re working to find natural areas that were modified by humans, then re-creating conditions that make the water more conducive to fish, even in a drought-threatened future.
  • 5 min read
The Stinger represents something of a rebirth for Sasaki, who, after a career spent designing protective gear for cycling and other action sports, moved with his wife from San Diego to their second home in Truckee in 2016 (he also started and sold a company that manufactured iPhone cases from exotic materials). Once settled in,<br>he didn’t want to do anything but “ride and fish” for a couple of years.<br><br>After 400 days of fishing, spread out over those two years, Sasaki realized that the only thing he truly wanted to do, work-wise, was improve every piece of fly-fishing gear he owned.<br><br>He started with the reel, aiming to create a device that improved his rod’s efficiency and allowed him to “fish longer and catch more” without adding to the shoulder and back strain common to the sport. Starting with a 3D-printed prototype, he took the design through 100 iterations, tweaking it so it would securely hold the line in place but also allow for the line’s fast and easy removal.
  • 4 min read

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