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Introducing Stinger: a streamlined hybrid fly fishing system

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Designed for Fly Fishing

The MAVRK Stinger replaces a traditional fly reel reducing unnecessary weight and mass in order to improve casting, dead drifts, hook sets, and overall fly presentation. Thoughtfully designed to be efficient, compact, lightweight, and extremely dependable—it's the best ally one can have when stalking wild trout off the beaten path.

Improves Euro-Nymphing

Based on Euro-nymphing principals, we created a lightweight, hybrid reel-less system that makes your rod more sensitive to strikes and employs hand lining techniques to better fight and land your fish. Using both traditional and modern techniques, the Stinger evokes the simplicity of Tenkara without the limitations and its minimal weight reduces arm, back, and shoulder fatigue for more accurate casting, longer dead drifts, and quicker hook sets.

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Field-ready Performance

Purposefully streamlined and highly compact for travel. We stripped away the unnecessary and designed the Stinger to be simple, highly-portable, and extremely dependable with no moving parts to fail. Designed for tactile control which helps prevent losses from too much line slack or excessive line tension from improper reel drag setup. Simply stated, the Stinger puts you in better control when fighting feisty fish on light tippet.

Why use the Stinger?

Lightweight. Compact. Efficient. Accurate.


2 Distinct Models. 2 Distinct Feature Sets.

The Stinger Lineup

Stinger M1 (Grey): CNC Aerospace Aluminum
Stinger Comp (Black): Lightweight Composite

Stinger M1: Beautiful and deadly

Hard Anodized in Silver and Gun Metal. Designed and crafted in the USA!

Stinger M1: Fully Adjustable

Light and strong. Designed for adjustability and customization with precise fit and finish.

Stinger M1: Line Booster Inserts

The M1 inserts give added line capacity. This is useful for Fly Anglers using traditional line.

Stinger Comp: Fly Trap

The Stinger Comp incorporates a “Fly Trap” to secure and stow fly lures when on the move.

Stinger Comp: Built for durability

Strong and light. Trussed ribs engineered to minimize excess material and provide strength.

The Stinger Advantage

Catch more fish with our absurdly-good hybrid system
Improves casting

By eliminating the weight and rotational inertia of a reel, casting accuracy is greatly improved. Better accuracy means increased target areas.

Reduces fatigue

Arm, shoulder, and back fatigue is greatly reduced due to the light weight. Dead drifts and fly presentation are greatly improved with longer or higher rod extension.

Increases feel

Going reel-less makes your rod much more sensitive since there is less weight and mass to dampen rod movements. Strike detection and Hooksets become instantaneous.

Light & portable

More compact than a reel! Carrying two rods is much easier with the Stinger's slim profile. Or, bring extra Stingers in your pack with alternate line setups.

Our flagship is designed for tactical-grade performance. Our USA-made Stinger M1 is CNC machined from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum for high strength and light weight. Precisely crafted for fine-tuning adjustments to the line spool, foot placement, and deck height, giving users individualized ergonomics and a custom fit. Anodized for durability and good looks. Patent pending. An optional Counterweight Kit aids tuning for balance and feel. Bonus pre-installed Tracer-62 Nymphing Line and Leader included! Learn more.

Size: 177mm x 30mm x 36mm
Weight: 50 grams

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The field ready Stinger Comp is built for utility and durability. The economical Comp is injection molded using a strong lightweight nylon composite material that is virtually unbreakable. This Stinger weighs in at 40 grams making it ultra-light. It holds up to 70 feet of Euro Nymphing line that’s wound at .9 ft per revolution—more than most standard reels. The convenient Fly Trap feature keeps your favorite lures accessible and secure when traveling. Patent pending. Bonus Tracer-62 Euro-nymphing Line Kit included! Learn more.

Size: 175mm x 35mm x 33mm
Weight: 40 grams

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Mavrk DUAL
3wt Nymphing Rod

A perfect match for the Stinger. Variable length for versatility. Our rod is light, and strong with high sensitivity.

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Nymphing Line & Leader

Tracer is a premium Euro Nymphing line/leader combo set. Just attach your tippet, flies, and go!

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Tracer 62 euro-nymphing line


If you purchased a Mavrk Stinger Comp or M1 from Amazon it may be an earlier model without the new Soft Lock feature. If so, click here to upgrade your Stinger.