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Flyfishing in a river in Truckee drone shot
flyfishing and walking rugged terrain with versatile and light stinger reel and rod

You’ve chosen to be the outlier

You prefer to fish the remote, the isolated, the often rugged.
At Mavrk, we believe in a streamlined approach when stalking wild trout, off the beaten path.
Our gear is lightweight, versatile and dependable while our techniques focus on what really works.
Fully experience both the hunt and the catch.

What is a Manual Reel?

It’s new class of ultra-light fly reels to enhance euro-nymphing and high-sticking techniques. The manual reel also works well with thin shooting line such as 2wt WF.


At 1.5 ounces it decreases shoulder fatigue, improves arm reach and dead-drift distance/control.

Better Casting

Low rotational inertia improves casting accuracy and increases rod sensitivity for quicker hook sets.


With the Stinger there’s no mechanical assistance and no mechanical failures- only the line and your own two hands between you and the fish, as it should be when catching wild river trout.

What do I need to start euro-nymphing?

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How-to Videos Playlist

Here show tips and tricks on everything from gear to sharing our own techniques on how we catch so much fish on one of the hardest rivers in the west.

General Videos Playlist

These videos are just fun fishing with cool people and places. Enjoy!

I designed the Stinger reel to save weight. People ask “why,” so I wrote this because I realized that the answers are not so obvious, especially to those who have been fishing the same way for decades.

Lightweight and high performance are synonymous terms with regards to competitive sports equipment- the world I came from. Lightweight almost always improves performance because mass and inertia are your enemies when trying to increase quickness, accuracy and or maximize endurance. But what does high performance have to do with fly fishing? Lots.

  • 5 min read
By now most fly anglers in the US have heard of Euro-nymphing and likely even tried it. It’s not just a fad, it's a relatively new way to fish and it’s here to stay because, well, it just works. Will it ever replace indicator fishing or dry fly fishing?, no way. But it’s another tool in your bag and one that is just getting used more and more. 
  • 5 min read

If you’re regularly hooking into river trout but your “landing rate” is dismal, you’re not alone. By the way, it took a lot of hard work and practice on your part to get where you are now so congratulations. 

Assuming you’ve presented the correct fly, the fish takes your fly, and you’ve managed a good hookset, you’re still miles away from getting that lunker into your net. Inexperienced anglers are always bewildered when the fish is suddenly off their line. It still happens to me but far less.

  • 7 min read

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