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MAVRK Reimagine your trout arsenal with ultra light ESN gear and integral techniques
MAVRK Reimagine your trout arsenal with ultra light ESN gear and integral techniques


Meet the all new MV-X and Dual II
A pro level nymph rod doesn’t have to be pricey. It does have to be light, durable, sensitive, and of course powerful. They are half the price of premium rods sold in fly shops because we only sell direct to anglers.


There’s no question that fishing a run behind other anglers in a stream will lower your chances of catching trout.

But when fishing with a buddy or two, someone is always left with mucked up water. I usually don’t mind being that person because I enjoy watching my friends catch fish. I also view it as just an extra challenge to overcome.

Here are some tips that help me when I’m batting clean-up:

  • 2 min read

So, you think you have the basic techniques down, and you’re catching a lot of trout using Tight Line techniques. But your fish all seem to be on the small side. You know there are much larger fish in this river, but they don’t seem interested. Why is it that beginners usually catch small fish?
 Well, unfortunately, it’s not just a matter time before you consistently hook into big trout. You must step up your game. Think and fish differently.


Understanding these 9 Tips will help you advance to the next level and catch larger trout:

  • 4 min read

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