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MAVRK Industries, Inc.

Mavrk Fly Fishing is a Niche company with one goal in mind. To provide anglers with superior products and techniques that help them catch more trout.

Our focus is on expanding the versatility and effectiveness of Tight Line and Euro Nymph techniques so you can better fish nymphs, dry flies, and streamers, all using the same gear.

We don’t have a sales/marketing department to tell us who our customer is and what products to make. Our simple philosophy is this: 

“Our customers are people like us, we’ll only design products that we ourselves would love to buy and use.” 

In other words, making high performing gear at a terrific price. It’s what we want for ourselves, and it’s what we give to our customers.

We keep both our company and our product line small and specialized, and only sell direct to anglers. We’re not interested in growing, as that would increase our prices and decrease our service. We’re only interested in one thing, helping you fish better. 

-Jeff Sasaki, Founder Mavrk Fly Fishing