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MAVRK Industries, Inc.

We’re a small creative team located in Truckee California, near Lake Tahoe. We’re product designers and brand builders. Our passion is fly fishing and problem solving so we started Mavrk Fly Fishing. Our goal is to make you a better angler by supplying you with gear and techniques that really count. We’ve wiped the slate and designed a streamlined approach to fly fishing rivers and streams.

Jeff Sasaki / Designer and Founder

Born in Lodi California, halfway between San Francisco and Yosemite National Park, Jeff Sasaki grew up in the wine country riding motorcycles, hunting, and fishing. 

With 4 siblings and two very creative parents, the Sasaki’s kids were always encouraged to build and create- The results were some of the coolest cars in town- Jeff still owns a ‘69 Camaro SS that he bought from his oldest brother over 30 years ago.

After receiving a degree in Industrial Design, Jeff went on to design trucks for Perterbilt, tech products and action sports gear for companies like Fox Racing, Specialized, Reebok and Bell Helmets.

In 2010, Jeff founded Element Case Inc. in his garage in San Carlos California- a premium brand of Apple accessories made from CNC machined materials like Titanium, Carbon Fiber, and exotic woods. The company grew to employ over 35 people. 

In the Bay Area, Jeff’s passions were Ducati motorcycles, dirt bikes, and mountain biking, but he vowed to spend more time on the river to fish. So, in 2016, after leaving Element Case, Jeff moved full time to his then weekend home near Lake Tahoe where he would get reacquainted with his snow skis, fly rod, and ride trails till his arms fell off.

Soon after moving to Truckee, the fly fishing addiction took over and Jeff found himself on the river over 250 days a year. He became obsessed with testing different fly fishing techniques on what’s considered one of the toughest rivers to fish- The Truckee River. 

As Jeff’s skills progressed, he realized there were still endless problems to solve in this age-old sport. So, Jeff went back to work, forming a new company. His goal was to share his love for fly fishing and his new discoveries with others who could benefit.

His new brand MAVRK Fly Fishing, promises to innovate tactical fly fishing gear and techniques while protecting local fisheries and wild trout.

Jeff calls his new office “The Trout Lab.”