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FAQ Stinger Micro Reel

The Stinger Micro Reel is an ultra light, low inertia reel designed to improve euro nymph and tight line techniques where line is elevated off the water’s surface for better contact with flies. Lightweight improves arm reach- Low inertia improves casting accuracy and rod sensitivity.

Reducing the reel’s weight and rotational inertia increases feel and control of the rod tip, and also increases rod speed. All helpful when casting small, weighted nymph flies. 

Lightweight improves arm reach with less shoulder strain. This allows you to guide your flies longer in a drift.

The reel’s mass dampens the vibrations that are being transmitted from the rod tip to the hand. A light weight system is more sensitive to bumps and strikes. 

No. Only adding reel weight will balance an ESN rod. A balanced rod will feel slow and heavy and requires more arm force and grip pressure when casting. Unbalanced rods have better rod tip feel and control.

No. Typically in ESN, a drag system is not needed. When fishing tight to the fly, the striking fish doesn’t have time, or slack line to run. Pressure is applied instantly.

Hand stripping a trout is the best technique regardless of what reel you are using. Stripping applies better pressure on the fish and takes up line faster if the fish runs toward the angler. 

Any fish using Euro nymph and tight line techniques requiring lightweight tackle (3– 7X Tippet, 1–4 wt ESN Rods, Lightweight ESN fly line with long leader rigs).

Yes. You can fish any flies that you can cast with your Euro nymph or tight line system. *See our videos for Dry Fly and Dry Dropper techniques with an ESN rig.

  1. When you are targeting large fish (24” plus) with heavy tackle (2X tippet, 6wt Rod, Sinking line, Large/ heavy streamers etc.
  2. When fishing/casting with long distance weighted line in big rivers and lakes.

The Stinger comes with the Tracer 62 complete euro nymph line/leader/sighter system in size Med(15/10/8 lb). Total length is 62 ft. Typically, you will only use the 12ft leader and 10-20 feet of fly line. No backing line needed.

No. Stinger’s coated ESN line has a braided core to reduce coils when fishing. It also has a good grip when stripping lines. 

Yes. But the diameter is larger than ESN line so the max length will be shorter.
*1-3 wt WF line works best for dries but you may only be able to fish 40 to 60 feet using a Stinger M1. The Stinger Comp holds 20% less line than the Stinger M1.

The Stinger can be mounted on any rod. But its intended use is for Euro nymph and tight line rods. It also works great on small stream rods and compact backpacking rods. 

For general purpose Euro nymphing the Tracer size Med (15/10/8 lb.) leader is recommended.

Size large (20/15/10 lb.) is better for dry flies and short distance / easiest to cast.

Size Small (10/8/3X) has better line elevation at longer distances / harder to cast.

Micro (8 lb./3X) has the best line elevation at long distance / hardest to cast.