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Stinger Comp

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Stinger Comp: Built for ultra-light utility and durability. The economical Stinger Comp is a lightweight euro-nymph fly reel that works with any fly rod with a tip soft enough to cast nymph flies with ESN line (1- 4wt rod is recommended).

The lightweight Stinger Comp allows greater arm extension and is guaranteed to improve dead-drift distance and casting while making your rod more sensitive to bumps and strikes.

The compact profile makes the Stinger Comp ideal for backcountry fishing. It’s injection molded using a proprietary lightweight nylon/carbon composite material that is virtually unbreakable. At 39 grams (1.4 oz) the Comp might be the lightest fly reel made.

The Stinger Comp comes with our Tracer 62 Euro-nymph line/leader system pre-installed- Just add your tippet and flies.

Designed in the USA. Patent pending.

  • Includes Tracer-62 line kit + Neoprene cover
  • Universal fit
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • 176mm L x 34mm W x 32 mm H


  • 1.4 oz (39 grams)

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Meet the Stinger - World's Lightest Fly Reel

8 Reasons Why Stinger is Better

  1. At 1.4 ounces the Stinger is the lightest fly reel in the world
  2. Designed specifically to improve Euro nymphing
  3. Low rotational inertia for better casting
  4. Less mass increases rod sensitivity for better strike detection
  5. Less shoulder strain improves dead drifts
  6. Same Euro nymphing techniques as a traditional reel
  7. Portable and lightweight for the back country
  8. Comes pre loaded with 62’ of premium Euro nymph line, leader, sighter, tippet ring