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Tracer-62 Nymphing Line & Leader

Tracer-62 Nymphing Line & Leader: The Tracer 62 is a complete Euro-nymph line leader system, minus the tippet. It starts with 50 feet of premium thin, lightweight braided euro-nymph fly line (.55mm). The leader’s butt section is 15 lb. low memory monofilament to 12 lb. low memory monofilament. Finally, a high vis sighter line section is finished with a 2mm tippet ring. The entire system is 62 ft. and hand-tied in the USA. Just attach your Tippet line and flies and you’re ready to fish. 3 to 6X Fluorocarbon Tippet is recommended, depending on flies and water conditions. Stinger not included.

  • Tippet and Fly not included


  • 1 oz

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