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Stinger Micro Reels

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Rethinking Tight Line Tactics

The MAVRK Stinger is the lightest Euro nymph reel in the world. A light reel allows your rod and arm to perform at it's maximum potential

The Stinger is ultra light, 1.3 ounces compared to the spool reels weighing 5-9 ounces. Each Stinger comes with the Tracer 62 complete Euro nymph line/leader system.

The World’s Lightest Fly Reel

How an Ultra Light Reel Improves Euro Nymph & High Sticking:

  1. Improved arm reach for longer elevated line dead drifts.
  2. Low rotational reel inertia improves casting accuracy.
  3. Low reel mass increases rod sensitivity for better strike detection.
  4. Low swing weight to fish harder and longer with less fatigue.
  5. Slim and lightweight for easy carry.
  6. Reliable and dependable.

Why the Stinger is Better Than Heavy Reel for ESN

1. Better Casting

Inertia, it’s the force that’s created by the reel’s mass when it’s in motion- It decreases feel and control of your rod. In other words, the more your reel weighs, the more inertia it has. Both casting and rod sensitivity can be greatly improved by reducing inertia. The Stinger does that.

2. Improved Rod Sensitivity

Because the reel has mass that is located opposite the rod tip, any movement at the rod tip is dampened (absorbed) before it can be felt, especially with soft tip ESN rods. The less reel mass, the more sensitive your rod will be.

3. Reduced Rotational Inertia

Rotational inertial from heavy reels is compounded with larger diameter arbors because it moves the mass further away from the rod's center axis. This gives the reel more kinetic energy, or “reel torque” at your rod handle. Increased grip pressure is the only way to control this twisting but it’s why your hands get so sore.

4. Reduced Shoulder Fatigue

Less reel weight means less shoulder fatigue when high sticking- With the lightweight Stinger you’ll hold your dead-drifts longer and have more control of your suspended leader.

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