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FAQ Hooks

Competition style hooks are typically Barbless and strong.

Premium hooks use better steel, are sharper, and have a protective coatings.

Yes, they penetrate easier, and extract easier.

M-10 M10

M-40 for long streamers and M10 for jig streamers.

M-20 uses the thickest wire.



Mavrk Barbless Euro Nymph Hook M10 Jig Hook Tinsel Perddigon

FAQ Beads

No. Slotted tungsten beads can be used with any hooks.

In water glossy beads and matte beads look the same. And smooth sinks faster.

Yes. Twice as heavy.

A larger brass bead will not sing as fast due to the increased surface area.

No. Tungsten is environmentally benign.

Mavrk Slotted Tungsten Bead Gold Sq Mini Stone

FAQ Line Leader

62 feet.


Only if you want to increase the size of your reel’s spool diameter.

Depends on the water type. Typically, 3X to 6X is used when euro nymphing.

Yes, it comes in sizes:

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Micro

Size Medium offers the best overall casting with light line suspension.

Tracer 62 Nymphing Line and Leadervon rocks