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All anglers have memorable catches, or misses, that we’ll likely never forget. The special catches that get stored in long term memory vs the short term where it gets easily replaced the more we fish.

Here’s my latest long term entry:

Yesterday was a warm evening and I decided to take Winston, my 5 year old Shepherd Border Collie mix, to the river. My plan was to practice my dry fly game while Winston swam and chased crawfish.

As you've probably noticed in our videos, our dogs love to go fishing with us. While we anglers sometimes have our struggles and tough days, the dogs are having the time of their lives, and I’m happy to share that with you. But off-camera things are a bit trickier when taking your pups to the river - Here are things to consider if you plan to fish with your dog. 

When fishing with your dog, or any time you take your dog outside the security of your home for that matter, you’re responsible for your dog’s safety and well being- So lower your expectations of catching fish by realizing that your time in the water fishing will be less than usual, your choices of fishing locations will be limited, and you’ll now have to redirect your focus and keep an eye out for what your fur buddy is doing.