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Wet Fly Swing Episode #415 - Mavrk Fly Fishing with Jeff Sasaki - Euro Nymphing, Stinger Reel, Truckee River

Jeff Sasaki, Designer of Founder of Mavrk Fly Fishing, walks us through his euro nymphing setup today and the physics behind the famous Stinger Micro Reel. We get a bunch of casting tips and talk about what it's like to fish the Truckee River in California.

We discover how he transitioned from owning a successful cellphone case company to making the lightest fly reel in the world. Jeff also tells us how he fishes dry flies with a euro nymphing rig. Wait... WHAT??? Does that actually work? Listen to this episode to find out!

Show Notes with Jeff Sasaki

04:40 - Casting Tip: You got to get all the slack out of your line even if that means starting out with short casts.

07:00 - We noted the Stinger Micro Reel which is designed specifically for euro nymphing tight line techniques. It weighs about 1.3 ounces.

16:10 - Jeff spent most of his career as a product designer. He started out with transportation design. He became the first Industrial Designer at Fox Racing.

21:00 - Jeff designed an aluminum iPhone case so his dog wouldn't chew on his phone. He started the company, Element Case and later sold it.

30:00 - He tells the story of how biologists repopulated the Bonneville cutthroat in Idaho and later found them at Pilot Peak in Nevada.

38:30 - Jeff describes how he casts dry flies with a euro nymph rig.

41:45 - Tip: If you want more control of your flies, go with the heavier leaders - 20 to 15 pound. 15 to 12 is a good all around.

58:48 - The Stinger doesn't work with any other kind of fishing except for euro nymphing.

1:07:45 - Jeff mentioned James Park from Red Truck. He was on the podcast in episode 246.

Show Notes:

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