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DUAL II 3 / 4 wt Convertible Nymphing Rod

The MAVRK DUAL II is the most versatile rod on the market. It converts from a 9’ rod to a 10’ 3” length by adding an extension section above the handle.

The new DUAL II rod utilizes the same tried and true Japanese Toray 40T high modulus graphite blank and is even lighter thanks to the new MAVRK Air Core reel seat. The cork has been upgraded to AAAA.

DUAL II Rod Specs and Highlights:

  • 9’-10’ 3” length, #3 / 4 strength, 4 / 5 piece
  • Weight, 2.7 oz (9’ length), 3.0 oz (10’ 3” length)
  • 40T high modulus graphite, fast action
  • Gloss clear graphite finish
  • New Air Core down-locking reel seat fits any reel (CNC machined, anodized gun metal grey, dual locking rings) 
  • Portuguese grade AAAA cork
  • Rigid cordura rod tube
  • Cotton rod sleeve
  • Rod can be used with any standard Fly Reel

The Dual Rod II is the “Do Everything” nymph rod. Catch small Brookies in mountain streams, or fish tail waters for big Rainbows and Browns in the middle/heavyweight class.

The power of the rod is between a #3 and 4 wt nymph rod classification. So, go big with your trout and know that this rod can handle it.

The DUAL II can precisely cast everything from small Euro nymphs and Streamers with level line, to sending dry flies with shooting line (we recommend 1-3wt WF line).

Wet Dark Finish
Black guides, black thread wraps, gloss clear graphite finish, and a satin gun metal gray reel seat all give the MV-X a stunningly sharp look.

MAVRK Rods are the best value of any premium high modulus graphite nymph rods on the market.

Mavrk Rod Warranty
If any rod section breaks for any reason, we’ll replace it free of charge- just pay shipping and handling fee to assure your replacement rod part arrives fast and safe.
See Warranty and Refund Policy

No Risk Guarantee
QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY. If, for any reason, you receive your Mavrk product and are not 100% satisfied, ship it back to us within 30 days for a full refund.
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MAVRK Limited Lifetime Warranty
Every MAVRK product is covered by our limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or manufacturing workmanship. If your item fails under normal use, we’ll replace or repair it for free. That’s how much we appreciate our customers.
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*Replacement rod sections available.
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Who’s this rod for:

The tightline angler casting large weighted flies and targeting larger trout.

Dual II Features

Japanese Toray 40T High Modulus Graphite Blank

Portuguese Grade AAAA Cork

New Air Core Down-Locking Reel Seat

No Fault Warranty

Materials and Specifications

Materials and Specifications

  • Weight Class:3 / 4 wt
  • Length:9’ - 10’ 3” Convertible
  • Action:Fast
  • Weight:2.7 oz (9') - 3.0 oz (10'3")
  • Graphite: Toray 40T High Modulus
  • Reel Seat:Down Locking CNC machined
  • Handle:Portuguese AAAA grade cork
  • Weight Class:3 / 4 wt
  • Length:9’ - 10’ 3” Convertible
  • Action:Fast
  • Weight:2.7 oz (9') - 3.0 oz (10'3")
  • Graphite: Toray 40T High Modulus
  • Reel Seat:Down Locking CNC machined
  • Handle:Portuguese AAAA grade cork

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Rod Action

Blank Material

Protective Finish

Cork Grip

Grip Shape

Reel Seat CNC Machined

Extra Tip Section

Stripping Guide Distance from Cork

FAQ - Dual II Rod

Both. It’s agile like a 3 wt but has the power and punch of a 4 wt. 

Either. The Dual II is a convertible rod and can be a 9’ four section rod, or 10’ 3” by adding the 5th sections.

The only difference is the down locking reel seat and new AAAA cork handle on the Dual II.

Nymph rods are longer and have a soft tip for casting weighted nymph flies when using light line. The fast action also helps protect light tippet from break-offs. 

Yes, Mavrk 3 and 4 weight Euro nymph rods are closer to standard 5wt rods in terms of strength and power but have a softer tip. 

Yes, any fly reel will fit on any Mavrk rod.

Mavrk Nymph rods were primarily designed to be used with a euro nymph line/leaders, but can also be fished with floating lines.

1-4 wt line can be used with Mavrk Rods.


Lightweight Rod Ideal for Euro Nymph and Tight Line Fly Fishing