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Tracer 62 is a Complete Euro Nymph Line/Leader System. Pre-built and Ready to Go

Complete 5-piece system

Tracer 62 is a complete Euro nymph line and leader system ready to fish.

It starts with 50 feet of thin (.016” dia.) braided core level line with a semi-textured PVC coating for a sure grip.

The 12 ft leader is made from two 5 ft low memory monofilament sections and a 2ft bi-color sighter line. It’s finished with a 2mm premium round wire tippet ring.

*Tracer 62 fits any reel.

Tracer 62 Complete 5-piece system

Materials and Specifications

(monofilament varies depending on Tracer size ordered):
  • Grip coated braided core Level line (50 ft. @ .016” dia.)
  • Low memory monofilament leader sections (2 @ 5 ft)
  • Bi-color sighter line (2 ft)
  • 2mm premium round wire tippet ring
  • 62 feet total length
  • Hand tied in the USA
  • 3.5 grams total weight

Installation Instructions for Tracer 62

Here's a detailed look at the Tracer 62 full Euro nymph line/leader system and how to install it. At 62 feet from reel to tippet ring, this full system is pre-built and ready to go.