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Truckee resident Jeff Sasaki, an avid fly-fisherman and inventor, designed an innovative new reel last year called the MAVRK Stinger (see page 128). In doing so, he created what is perhaps the lightest reel in the world, earning favor with the European-style nymphing community as well as the ultralight backcountry community. The reel-less, feather-light Stinger allows greater arm extension and is guaranteed to improve dead-drift distance and casting while making your rod more sensitive to bumps and strikes. By reducing the counterbalance mass and rotational inertia of larger traditional reels, time on the water is more productive.
MAVRK Industries announced today that the Stinger Ultra-Light Fly Reel has reached a significant milestone in its first year in business: It became the lightest made Fly Reel in the world.

The MAVRK Stinger Reel came onto the scene last year as a streamlined hybrid system for Euro Style Nymphing (ESN). They earned early adoption from many – yet some non-ESN anglers mis-understood the concept.