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Premium Slotted Tungsten Beads (25 pc packs)


MAVRK Premium Slotted Tungsten bead collection contains the essential sizes and colors needed for tying today's modern Euro nymph style fly patterns as well as traditional nymph patterns.

Five Essential Colors: MAVRK Tungsten bead colors (Gold, Silver, Copper, Black, Chartreuse)

Four Essential Sizes: MAVRK Tungsten bead sizes (4mm, 3.5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm)

Precision cast and machine: MAVRK Tungsten beads are precision cast and machined slots to maximize weight per bead for fast sink rate.

MAVRK slotted beads can be used with any style hooks- not just jig style. Slotted beads allow you to offset the bead in order to maintain maximum hook gap.

The World’s Lightest Fly Reel

How an Ultra Light Reel Improves Euro Nymph & High Sticking:

  1. Improved arm reach for longer elevated line dead drifts.
  2. Low rotational reel inertia improves casting accuracy.
  3. Low reel mass increases rod sensitivity for better strike detection.
  4. Low swing weight to fish harder and longer with less fatigue.
  5. Slim and lightweight for easy carry.
  6. Reliable and dependable.

2 Winding Techniques Euro Nymphing with with a Stinger micro reel

2 Winding Techniques you need to know when Euro Nymphing with a Stinger micro reel.

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